The Real 50 Shades

Like so many others, you read ’50 Shades of Grey’ and felt a fire being ignited deep within your soul. You can’t stop thinking about it and won’t rest until you find true knowledge.
But it’s more than that: You want to feel it, breathe it, experience it…. you want to Live It.

Well, your search is over!
Welcome to THE CROW ACADEMY: a world of intense Passion, of profound Connection, of Euphoria and of ultimate Release. The REAL world of Domination and Submission.

Leave behind the ordinary and mundane, and forget about your daily stress and irritations. Become someone new, someone you’ve always dreamed of being. Grow into the sophisticated, powerful Dominant, or surrender with elegance into becoming the blossoming Submissive of your dreams.

The button below is a key. Click on it to unlock the mystery and open the door to a world beyond your wildest dreams.

It’s a world where the Submissive blooms under the guidance of the Dominant, where your deepest desires are met, where blindfolds and restraints won’t dim the light within you but will make it shine even more brightly.

In this world, there is no difference between release, surrender and absolute ecstasy. Control is an art and power comes with proud responsibility. The tools and toys of S&M become paintbrushes to create a world of exquisite sensation play, leaving both of you craving more. Restraint actually frees the one in bondage, and truly excellent Dominance is an Art Form.

Behind this door, the Dominant learns how to impeccably craft and truly care for the submissive, while the submissive learns how to gracefully surrender to control, guidance and insatiable desire.

Step inside and go on a journey of exploration with The Crow Academy. Discover DVDs, books and other free educational materials at this school of the Fetish Arts, videos of the fine art of D/s as demonstrated by Master Arcane, galleries showcasing real BDSM performances, and much more….

Find your true, magnificent, fetish self and nurture your beautiful, powerful glow.

Are you ready? Click the button and enter the magical world of

The Crow Academy